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 Get to know me.

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PostSubject: Get to know me.   Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:41 am

Creator of Glytch and RYZE.

  1. Real Name: Blue
  2. Age: 28, will be 29 in a few
  3. Gender: Biologically female, preferred to be Fluid
    (they/them pronouns)
  4. Birthday: 01/15/1988
  5. Favorite Food: Too many... coffee cakes?
  6. Favorite Person: Michael Rooker, Whispatchet, C0ZR10N on Deviantart, Swampy Marsh...
  7. Favorite Actor: Michael Rooker
  8. Favorite Movie: Toss up between Slither and Guardians of the Galaxy
  9. Favorite Video Game: La Tale & Minecraft
  10. Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead (S1-S3), Cold Case (Jerry Bruckheimer series)
  11. Favorite Activity: Drawing, being a dork
  12. Deviantart: VxlocityBlue
  13. Tumblr: WxndyCxrduroy, VxlocityBlue
  14. Twitter: @Dixon.Sin
  15. Discord: Static Glytch#4859
  16. Skype: konoichi.saifu
  17. Email Address: I never check it. :3

I am still working very haird on the website and the forum, and yes, we will have more categories and topics, soon! Please be patient with me! In the mean time, tell me a little more about yourself. Very Happy
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Get to know me.
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