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 Blue's characters

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PostSubject: Blue's characters   Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:41 pm

Vaccine Alliance

Name: Fortuna Ve'lut Luna
Age: 5,110
Occupation: Anti-Virus  [ Fortuna is the only living Glytch to survive many attacks and corruption of the Malware. ]
Location: Matrix City

Benzin clicked his tongue and stared at the patient. She was not one of his followers, nor was she a welcomed face on his land, but here TS208 lay on his table, wires and tubes sticking out of her body. She wore his scars, wounds and blood on her skin; she was exhausted from the injections, but her body refused them. It infuriated Benzin to the core of his very being. "Prepare Vial #6." He hissed, causing a stir in the lab.
Ailia and her fellow scientists couldn't help but stare at their master as she, herself, nodded. Virus Vial #6 was their recorded most dangerous virus in the lab. One wrong injection could kill a TS on sight. Still. No one said no to the boss. If Benzin ordered it, then it would happen.

Godrick took a small step to the side to half hide behind Benzin's rear leg. Vial 6?! He was so small that if it went wrong, he would be collateral. And while no one would mourn him, he'd admit to being a coward before leaving himself in harms way, any day.

Ailia looked at the computer and pressed a button. A syringe came from the wall and pierced the cipher's skin, injecting a bright red liquid into her skin, causing her to contort and scream a shrill sound into the air. Her veins popped out of her body and frilled from the shock. The malware hissed. It had to work, even through the torment he put these Glytch through; watching them die trying to corrupt them.. Benzin would never get used to it.

"Wh.. what are we g-going to do if... #6 doesn't. w-work?" Godrick asked, pointing his muzzle towards the large Malware he stood beside.

Benzin looked at him and huffed. "If it doesn't work, TS208 will be deleted." Ailia shook her head as the liquid started to take effect. The power symbols lit up on all part of her body as Benzin watched. Every time he got close to owning her, she found some way of evading it. This patient was very irritating. "Power is at 20%, 30%, 60%." As the bar got higher, the liquid began to run out.

TS208 stopped fighting, her body falling cold. To Benzin it was not a victory, yet.

It would be a shame to delete her after all this. But, if that's what had to be done....? He swiveled his ears towards the Cipher. Just give in, female. He thought. It won't hurt for long after....

"70%... 69%." It was going down. Once again, the female on his table was no longer fighting but he still did not have her in the corrupted state that he had tried so hard to make her.

This upset and infuriated him... "Delete her, Ailia. Do not fail me." He hissed and retreated for his Throne Dome.

Name: Demitri Deception
Age: 6,721
Occupation: Lab Technician
Location: Matrix City

Scraped out of the Malware Alliance, Demitri now works as a double-spy to protect the Elder and get word in with the Malware. While he is loyal to Compass and his newly found team around Cauto, Fortuna, Mo, Supper and Reno, he also needs to keep  his cover and make sure that Benzin is not onto him. Working as a double-spy is exhausting for him, but he always finds pleasure in helping to find a cure for the Infection as well.

As a scientist under Compass, he works in the lab, helping to create the new antivirus that only lives within Fortuna, herself. Working closely with her and learning of her history makes it all the more worth it to keep his position and help the others.

As of now, Demitri is the only Malware that has access to both sides and the only infected Glytch that is allowed on Royal grounds.

Name: Compass
Age: 162,990
Occupation: Elder;; Caretaker, leader, enforcer, protector, Peace Keeper
Location: Matrix City

Compass, The Elder, is the oldest of the Glytch.

Although, he was not the first born of the clan, he was the one that lived passed the age of 8,500 after many were sure that it was impossible.

The elder's first few moments as a newly found leader of the Glytch was not graceful by any means. After losing the love of his life, and truly loyal mate, Hack, he became incapable of making any sort of improvement to the start of Matrix City, or made any progress in building a better world for his followers. As he deteriorated from the congress, so did his work. For a while, the Glytch suffered because their one and only leader was failing to provide them with the goods and needs that they craved from him.

As time in his younger days passed, he began to realize that his depression was causing a stir in the other lives of his followers. The lack of energy and improvement had caused them to become incapable of trusting him to keep his word, or that he was going to help provide their homes and cities was causing them to retaliate and form their own government.

He put his foot down and fought back. With his brothers alongside him, Compass made sure that they knew that he was back.

For years, Compass watched his clans grow, more babies being born and while these were all good things, he knew that one good thing could mean disaster in the near future.

When came time for the Elder to promote his royals, he began to pick and choose. The one called Dry Ice was not one of his chosen Royals due to his lack of ability to compromise on and off the fields, his irrational behavior toward other officers in the force, or his inability to listen to  his instructors and go out of his way to try to make things better, faster. Dry Ice, of course, did not take to this well, and out of spite and hatred for the Elder, brought down one of his newly built continents and the cities on it.

Blockly became Dry Ice's new home.

With the birth of *Benzin* at large, Compass has worked harder to keep his armed forces together and his followers in check. But like any leader, he knows that there is no such thing as a peaceful world, but that does not stop him from believing that he can try to restore peace and happiness in his world.

Present day, Compass and his kid brother, Cauto are keeping Matrix City and all of its surrounding cities as safe as possible in these times of war. Although it's untelling now, it may be that his brother will be the next Elder when comes to pass. At the ripe old age of 8,210, Cauto is not showing any signs of weakness and he has been more than eager to help his older brother keep their precious vaccine safe.

Malware Alliance

Name: Benzin
Age: 7,882
Occupation: Malware Alliance Leader
Location: Viral City

The malware stared out the window. His radar was telling him that there were more coming. More of these rebels that were willing to walk from the Elder's old ways and walk the grounds with their new leader.  It was starting to look more and more like an army as he came to terms with the events that were happening. The former-Cipher glanced back at his guards and dismissed them as he snorted to himself.

The old ways of the Elder were starting to annoy him. Something had to be done about this old dustmyte, and soon. The alarming colors of the old Malware symbolized the danger that he had become to the world of Ryze.

Slowly, he turned to his one and only second in command and growled lowly. "Prep the soldiers. We are going to war."

Godrick bowed his head low to the ground. "Of course, sir..." He turned, and started to slink away. He wasn't sure if waging war was wise, but.... it did not do good to defy your patriarch.... particularly when he was a Malware.

He turned back toward the window and watched the storms roll inward.

In the darker shadows of Blockly, lay a city that was built by the Elder many years ago, but was over-run shortly after by outlaws and criminals that had figured out that the walls could not be penetrated by any soldier from the outside. It quickly grew to be unfit for any Glytch outside of the criminal classes and the Elder closed it off.

Benzin, however, would not let this come to pass. He stood his grounds and opened it up to those that did not see the old man's ways. Over the passed one hundred and forty years, he began to take the city into his own hooves and help it grow. He and his followers called the city, Viral City.

It has since grown to be much more than a city for outlaws; it was the start of a new era. Malware Mutations were growing and they would not stop until their way was the only way to live.

A Corruption Army stood before Godrick, standing stark still and silent, hoping that things would not come to a call to their lord about their previous behavior in the mess hall.

A former script stood near the front of the alignment of soldiers. She looked fairly butch in some ways, but still had the standard build of a script. But since her corruption, she gained features that a ciper or cryptogram held. She was the only female out of the lot of them, but that didn't mean she was about to let another clan member downgrade her rank.

No, most that stood up to this script, learned the hard way that she was not one to be messed with. Respect was earned fairly quickly.

Name: Ailia [ Mated to Godrick; owned by Whispatchet ]
Age: 2,550
Occupation: Chief Scientist & Second in Command for Benzin
Location: Viral City

Ailia has been with the Malware Alliance since the beginning. When Benzin burned up what was supposed to be the start of a new country on RYZE, she was one of the surviving architects on the island. Ailia chose the life of a Malware by chance.

Together, she and Benzin, alone, built what is now Viral City and is helping him develop and infect his followers.

Name: Mr. White
Age: 6,917
Occupation: Infection Development
Location: Viral City

Mr. White keeps to himself at work. He tends to stand outside in deep thought when their are infections going on in the lab. While Mr. White is known as the first scientists on the scene when Benzin took over, he is also one of the least talkative Malware in the city. Earning his trust is nearly impossible and working is more than always on his mine.

As the chief of in Infection Development, Mr White is always trying to find new ways to keep his products up to date and working. So far, Vials 1 through 6 have been at its best, but keeping Refrain in good condition has been challenging. Especially when unwanted hands get a hold of them.

Being a stubborn Malware has its perks, but has its draw backs, as well. Keeping up an image is mandatory on Blockly, so his insistence to keep his nose in his work has been on point, every day.

Quote :
Mentioned: Godrick - Belongs to my cousin, Whispatchet, whom without, I would not have a story.
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Blue's characters
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